Indiana Slab Masters

  Established in November 2010 For Fun And Friendly Competition in a Club Environment 

Photo Gallery

some photos of Indiana slabs some photos of Indiana slabs Morse Slabs 107592702 Geist Slab 107592703 Southern Indiana Crappie 107592704 lake Monroe crappie 107592705 Great day of fishing 107690536 Nick w another Geist Slab Not the hugest but was one of many nice ones! 108139183 Geist Slabs Caught by me and my wife. 108139185 Morse Slab Only slab of the day! 108139187 Downtown Slab One out of about seventy that day between the two of us! Some smaller and some bigger. 108139189 Mississippie River--Luke humphrey 108608711 Luke Humphrey-Lake Evergreen 108608712 Luke humphrey-lake Shelbyville 108608713 108713775 115465269 Patoka First big uns of the year 118806476