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Indiana Slab Masters

  Established in November 2010 For Fun And Friendly Competition in a Club Environment 

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President /Treasurer

Jim Raymer

[email protected]


Vice President

Tom Hankins

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Glenn Gill


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Advisory Board Members

Doug Sikora

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James Lasswell

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Mike Bledsoe

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Tournament Director

Ron Bilbrey

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Newest Members

Monroe Tournament Story 2012

This has been one amazing year of fishing in Indiana with many lakes giving up 9-pound 7-fish stringers. Light winds and hot temperatures were the story of the day as Lake Monroe didn't disappoint, as it took over 9lbs. to take the top spot. Finishing in 1st place for the first time this year was our club president and tournament director, Jim and Bob Raymer with a 7-fish limit of 9.37 lbs. Jim and Bob were fishing in the upper end of the lake in 5'-8' of water vertical jigging stumps, stakebeds, and brush with Southern Pro 2.5" tubes on their Sam's Super Sensitive B'n'M poles to take the win. Jim and Bob would like to thank their sponsors Jack Wells from B'n'M poles and Freddie Coggins from Southern Pro Tackle for their support.

Finishing in a very close second place was the team of Eric Milsaps and Jason Snyder with an impressive weight of 9.27 lbs. This is Eric and Jason's 1st top 5 finish of 2012. Eric and Jason was vertical jigging 32nd oz. hair jigs tipped with medium shiners with their B'n'M 12' Buck's series Gold poles near weeds in 18" to 2' of water on the upper end of the lake. Eric and Jason noted that it took the medium sized shiners to produce the larger fish. Great job on a great finish men!

Finishing in 3rd was the always tough Ohio team of Larry Yates and Doug Allen with a total weight of 8.41 lbs. Larry and Doug have frequented the top 5 this year and are a threat on any lake they fish. Larry and Doug were swimming black and chartreuse Southern Pro tube baits in 4'-8' of water to secure 3rd place. Great job on a great finish men!

Finishing in 4th place was the team of Tony Williams and Tim Dunigan with a total weight of 8.0 lbs. Tony and Tim stated that they were fishing just about every way you can imagine from spider rigging to fishing with a hair jig under a float to produce a very impressive stringer. Tony and Tim found that tipping their baits with shiners helped them produce. Congratulations men!

Finishing in 5th place was the team of Ryan Rohl and Doug Laake with a total weight of 7.41 lbs. Ryan and Doug were spider rigging in 3' of water in the Pine Grove area straight Minnow rigs tipped with medium shiners to finish in the top 5 for the 1st time this year. Congratulations men on the solid finish!

The Ted's Big fish award was won by the team of Don Licht and Doug Sikora with a 2.44 monster crappie. Don and Doug was fishing on the upper reaches of the lake with Crappie Pro heads vertical fishing in 3' of water tipping with shiners to catch this Slab! Congratulations men!

On a final note, I am very pleased to announce that we had all fish swim away except for 1 at this tournament. Everyone seems to be taking good care of their fish and using bubblers and larger water containers to keep their fish in the weigh line, quickly releasing their fish after the weigh-in and keeping their livewells very oxygenated. Another tip for the upcoming warmer weather this season is to purchase a power inverter (even a small one works) and power it off your boat batteries, use a long bubbler stone and a good aquarium bubbler to keep your livewells even more oxygenated, this will not only ensure a better chance for a lively release, it will keep the stress down on the fish which will increase your weight at the scales!

Another exciting anouncement is we have purchased the most accurate top of the line scales on the market for our weigh-in. These new scales have auto zeroing, the ability to lock in the weight, and has a remote wireless display that mounts on a tripod so everyone can keep track of the weights at the weigh-in. We also are going to start putting a colored ribbon on each of the boats when your livewell is checked so you can tell who is in the tournament. Keep an eye open for these upgrades starting at the Salamonie Tournament! I hope to see you all there!